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Ultimate everything, nozzle series

 THE STRAIGHT nozzle series, a marvel in details for maximum performance, branching our from our modular perfection A2 nozzle series featuring our NEW STRAIGHT heater. Given a straight temperature profile not influenced by melt or mould temperature.

Both our single cavity nozzle and multi cavity screw in nozzles, designed for longevity and high performance

For this nozzle series have we together with our heater supplier developed this heater to suit our design and applications. Regardless of melt temperature or mould temperature do we have an excellent temperature profile, so good we simply call the heater series THE STRAIGHT!

Of course with our signum; -simplicity easy to use and service, modularity to suit.

Suitable for all kinds of resins, commodity or engineering, filled or un-filled. You simply choose the model suitable for your resin, our total super modularity makes it possible. We have 7 front styles, selection of tips including wear resistant tips.

Available in Single Cavity nozzle or multi cavity screw in All-in-One hot runner systems.

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