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A1 Series

Our work horse, rough, simple and reliable

A2 Series

Modular perfection, no compromise, stack up. Versitile suitable for all kinds of resins, including glass filled.

A3 Series

Modular perfection, All-In-One screw in nozzles. Versitile suitable for all kinds of resins, including glass filled.


Ultimate everything, with our unique heater, simply a straight temperature profile

A1 nozzle series, our reliable work horse

Standard hot runner nozzle series, we have made everything as rough as possible, easy to machine without compromise on performance.  We call it our workhorse since it simply always works, for years!

Manifolds floating or bolted all ceramically insulated with our Heatlock Ceramics.  Manifolds always rheological balanced.

Optional ceramic insulation available for some nozzle sizes alternatively is titanium insulation rings available.

Choose from EN the cold sprue replacement nozzle, TP the open flow direct gate nozzle or the TN nozzle for direct gate with a tip in the gate for minimum residue on part.  Valve gates nozzles is also available.

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