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A1 Series

Our work horse, rough, simple and reliable

A2 Series

Modular perfection, no compromise, stack up. Versitile suitable for all kinds of resins, including glass filled.

A3 Series

Modular perfection, All-In-One screw in nozzles. Versitile suitable for all kinds of resins, including glass filled.


Ultimate everything, with our unique heater, simply a straight temperature profile

A3 nozzle series, All-In-One, screw in!

ALL-IN-ONE Technology, screw-in hot runner nozzle series, modularity extremo!

Hot Runners nozzles engineered to make it simple and easy to use with maximum performance and modularity. We have simply paid a lot of attention to details, our teams have spent a lot of time and over and over again tweaked the details. We did not stop until we reached perfection!

Simply drop the Hot Runner system in your mould and adjust gate position to the optimum position using our virtual gate position technology, V-GATE.  All wire exits are to pre-determined once gate position is fixed. Grind back spacers to adjust for calculated heat expansion; close the clamp plate and you are ready to go.

No compromise philosophy; details in design is meticulous,  all materials used is the best available for the purpose.  We gone thru our supply chain process, developed it in every aspect, where needed.

Quality is overall to highest level, the look have taken an astonishing leap.  

All components for the A3 All-In-One is same as the A2 system.  Modularity, combination possible almost endless, makes it useable for all kinds of resins, commodity to engineering glass filled.

Easy to service with spare parts available from stock, if ever needed.

Simply a higher league of Heatlock Global Hot Runner Nozzle Solutions.

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